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Broadway Bound
Colorado Springs Children's Chorale in the Summer

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Registration Form

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) with whom this Singer resides:

If there is any illness or disability that will make it necessary for your singer to participate on a limited basis or that will require special medications in any emergency, it is imperative for us to know about them so that our staff will be alerted to the situation. Please explain in the space provided.

On the first day of camp, you will be asked by Colorado Springs Children's Chorale Staff to sign a Medical Release Form before your singer begins participating, which grants permission to the Staff of the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale to authorize any medical doctor or accredited hospital to take any medical steps necessary in an emergency situation.

When you have reviewed this form, please click the Submit button to be taken to a pay link to pay the $250 registration fee. Contact the office for other payment options.

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