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We know that you are all so proud to be alumni of the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale-we hear from you in many ways.  AND what is so very special about our alumni is that you are not just lauding the things CSCC did when you were a member; you are excited about what we continue to do for current and future musicians.  
















The Colorado Springs Children's Chorale is in town and I’m acting as their unofficial tour guide! Tonight we saw The Lion King (first Broadway show for most of them) and went to the stage door for some autograph action. Some Lion King cast members asked to hear a song but I don’t think they were expecting this beautiful sound! My first trip to NYC was also with Chorale (in 2001!), and all the thrills of being in this city for the first time are flooding back to me. Arts Education is such a powerful tool to show kids how big the world is and how loud their voices can be (literally and figuratively). I’m so lucky to have had the Chorale to show me that and I’m so glad that this new generation has the Chorale too.

                                                                                             --Erica Reinsch, CSCC Alum

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“Without music, life would be a mistake.”-Friederich Nietzche


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