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Our Unique Philosophy

In its 44 years of existence, and with a low turnover rate among its artistic and executive management, the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale has developed a unique and specific philosophy. This philosophy aims to use high standards of performance and professionalism to instill in CSCC singers a set of values that propel them towards a lifetime of achievement and excellence.

Our high standards are established early and that foundation is built upon as our singers progress through CSCC’s choirs. As members of CSCC, students are exposed to and expected to exhibit a superb level of professionalism. We spend time discussing and putting into practice these expectations including: listening skills, time management, respectful behavior that shines a positive light on the organization and its individual singers, as well as working diligently to ensure that each and every time a CSCC choir performs in public they are prepared to impress audiences with both their demeanor, their enthusiasm, and the high caliber of their performance. Among our older students in the Pikes Peak Singers and Summit Ensemble we also stress leadership skills and setting a good example for our younger singers.

The work that our choirs put into their performance technique becomes a rubric for success later in life.  This work begins with a focus on correct CSCC vocal tone. Correct CSCC vocal tone is that which promotes healthy young singers. Vowels are tall and round. Consonants are crisp and clear. The sound is mature, resonant, and flexible. A choral performance, however, is not only about sounding great. At CSCC we believe that textual interpretation and a deep understanding of each song’s story is another key aspect of a compelling performance. We also recognize that staging, movement, and choreography are crucial tools for crafting explosive entertainment. We constantly aim to challenge our singers and expect them to rise to the occasion. They never let us down.